August Dev Recap

In August we continued putting in the user interface (UI) for the game — and working on all of the systems behind them.   Marquee selection for multiple ships was perfected, contextual actions were refined, some adjustments to colorblind mode were made, and we finally have lasers back in HDR now! Resource collection and use were also completed. The entire… Read more →

July Dev Recap

In July we continued our push to the quickly approaching alpha!     July in detail   Last month we tied up all of our systems into a cohesive whole as well as integrated our software tests.   Political System   Over the last year we’ve tried out out many different political systems and put them aside for one reason… Read more →

June Dev Recap

In June we began finalizing all aspects of the game for the upcoming alpha.     June in detail   Last month our new intern Alex started!  Alex is helping us with the extra software quality assurance (SQA) work that needs to be done going into release. SQA is basically testing our software with other software.  These tests save enormous… Read more →

May Dev Recap

We continued this month on our push to add features.  We also had indie game expos to attend! May in detail In May we got the starmap functional elements finished. Yay!  All that remains now is to add transition effects for moving between the main game view and the different starmap views.   At the expos we received a lot… Read more →

April Dev Recap

This month was heads-down on development with no external demos, and we’ve accomplished quite a lot.  We just learned we are finalists in the Seattle Indie Game Competition (SIGC)! It’s time to talk about how the different combat systems work in the game.   Armor Armor is damaged by weapons and requires resources to repair. Civilian ships have no armor;… Read more →

March Dev Recap

Another month has passed and we’ve accomplished quite a lot. Destroyer taking damage This month we have been making the entire interface what we call holographic – meaning no flat buttons on the screen — absolutely all game elements will be 3D and part of the overall experience. We think the major benefit of this will be deeper immersion. It… Read more →