July Dev Update

In July we continued to make good progress on XO. Read on for the details! We’ve ironed out a pipeline for visual effect creation and have a near-final effect for the Hail action in place now. I love the way these effects are looking and I’m very excited to add more. We continued to add icons for fleet ships, but… Read more →

June Dev Recap

June was a good month; we got a lot done. Many things are coming together nicely. We’ve begun to put effort towards the various actions you can perform in the game with ships.  In June we worked on the Protect action since it is pivotal to the game. All of the edge cases for Protect (that we have been able… Read more →

April/May Dev Recap

What a busy two months it has been. We have been making good progress! During the last two months Heru continued implementing the user interface (UI) for hovering and issuing commands to ships. The fleet relationship UI, and ship color changes (to help indicate their relationship to the player) are now complete and fully debugged. Planets now have different gathering… Read more →

February/March Dev Recap

This is a bad news/good news update. I struggled with whether or not to post an update sooner, but I didn’t want to just post something that had only bad news. I didn’t want anyone to think that I was giving up. Because I’m not. February was a difficult month because our lead developer quit without notice. This means that… Read more →

January Dev Recap

January was another solid month for us, and we got a lot of good work done despite the ice storm that locked the city down for a few days.  Art assets for major game effects are being implemented.  The placeholder user interface is gradually being replaced by the final artwork.  We began readying our systems for alpha backers by setting… Read more →

November/December Dev Recap

The big news is that we reached internal alpha on 12/20, just ahead of the schedule we posted last month! Of course we still have quite a few features to complete before we will be ready to send the game out to our alpha backers, but all of the core functionality is now in the game. Hooray! Scouting Let’s talk… Read more →