Mac beta now live

We’re happy to announce that the Mac beta of XO is now ready to play on Steam! If you’re a beta level backer and still haven’t gotten a key, reply here or send us an email at beta @! Native Linux is coming soon.  Just a reminder that XO plays very well under Steam’s Proton for Linux. Read more →

October Development Update

We entered beta on October 15th!  I’m really happy with how it is going, and I hope you all are enjoying playing XO! If you backed at beta level and have not received your Steam key, first check your spam folder and then reach out to us at beta @ The best place to give feedback is directly through… Read more →

2019 August Development Update

We are six weeks into alpha and we have made great progress! If you’ve been waiting to see XO gameplay, noted YouTube streamer @ManyATrueNerd did a really excellent first look here: Thanks @ManyATrueNerd! Now on to our accomplishments for August, slightly shorter because I accidentally included some of August in last month’s update. Functionality Harvesters now expand into nearby systems,… Read more →