2019 August Development Update

We are six weeks into alpha and we have made great progress! If you’ve been waiting to see XO gameplay, noted YouTube streamer @ManyATrueNerd did a really excellent first look here: Thanks @ManyATrueNerd! Now on to our accomplishments for August, slightly shorter because I accidentally included some of August in last month’s update. Functionality Harvesters now expand into nearby systems,… Read more →

2019 July Development Update

On July 12th we went alpha!  Huge thanks to our alpha community for providing excellent bug reports!  Alphas, most of this update is a recap for you; new information is at the end.  If you’re an alpha-level backer and haven’t received your key, check your spam folder.  So far the alpha has been a tremendous success.  The feedback has been… Read more →

Alpha 1.03

50 years ago today the first humans set foot on the moon, showing what humanity can do when we band together — despite our enormous differences — to achieve what seems like an impossible goal.  They came for all mankind. I am in awe at the sacrifice, bravery, dedication and perseverance shown by the thousands of men and women involved… Read more →

Alpha imminent and 2019 June Development Recap

If you are an alpha Kickstarter backer, you already know we are about to go alpha!  There’s a good chance we will release alpha tonight or tomorrow! The game is now functionally complete; finishing the end game, balancing, bug fixing, and polishing the user interface are all that remain! Read on for our development update. Functionality/Optimization Heru experimented with antialiasing… Read more →

2019 April Dev Update

In April we turned almost exclusively to bug fixing.  And it was a big, big month for bug fixing. We started the month with 59 known bugs.  Over the month I added 49 more bugs to the list.  And in total last month no less than 99 bugs were eliminated, leaving only 9 known bugs remaining! That is an astonishing… Read more →