Presskit – Jumpdrive Studios & XO

Operating out of a small office in SE Portland, Jumpdrive Studios opened shop at the end of 2014.

Founder and Creative Director Brian Jamison designed and produced Underlight, one of the first MMOs and still played today. He’s designed promotional web games for many console titles for Sony, Namco, and Midway/Atari, authored the acclaimed book on pen and paper roleplaying titled Gamemastering, and founded several successful software companies.

Founding date: September 30th, 2014
Press/business contact: [email protected] (email for other contacts)

Projects: XO (Steam: PC, Mac, Linux)

Build a fleet and lead humanity to safety. Grow your fleet using force, diplomacy or guile… and try to stay ahead of the relentless Harvesters. Each ship you add to your fleet gives you powers but also reduces your limited resources in this challenging RTS-with-pause game.





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