Dev log 2021-05-21

This week:

  • 1.41a beta testing popped up a couple bugs that were fixed. There’s still some content remaining to be completed.
  • A few more Jumpgate events were completed, these of the diabolical variety. You can now expect a real fight on your hands if you show up at an enemy gate.
  • Boarding shuttles and lifeboats are now tied to the underlying action that launched them for better tracking.
  • Crew stasis was implemented! Crews in stasis do not consume water. They cannot be transferred and are lost if a ship is disabled. Sleeping and waking crew requires resources and time. Look for at least one type of Empire sleeper ship in 1.42.
  • Items that permanently affect weapons were also implemented this week. This will allow you to make permanent changes to weapons. It is likely that each upgrade will improve one or more stats and reduce one or more – for example, a turbocharger that increases damage but decreases efficiency. We expect a lot of balance testing on this starting in version 1.42.
  • We also continued to reduce dialog and tighten up events.