Dev log 2021-05-28

Weekly update:

Weapons can now be salvaged from disabled ships! This has been one of our most requested features. This will be released after 1.41 with brand new salvage ships (I haven’t modeled them yet).

I was able to complete all of the jumpgate events and even redid the victory event. This was the last content hurdle to releasing version 1.41!

The last item remaining for 1.41: a refactor of the plotted course line display. Right now it’s visually broken in the new sector system when you rotate the starmap. It’s also the last remaining non-3d asset in the game.

We also added some QOL improvements for crew stasis.

Ships now mine ore properly even after certain formation moves, and civilian ships no longer inherit warship commands when part of a multiselected ship order like attack or support.

A lot of balance was done on events, and I continued to trim and tighten up other events.