Dev log 2021-05-15

This week:

  • 1.41a beta testing has been very smooth, with just a couple of minor issues. Testing is open to anyone with a Steam key. A few more bits of content remain until we can release it.
  • Lots of work was done to differentiate and balance Jumpgate events. Some of that work involved more work on the event pipeline.
  • Continued event balancing, trimming dialog, and removing most combat timers.
  • It’s now easier for me to track lifeboats in events – I had been using some jiggery pokery that wasn’t cutting it. Sounds small, but this has far-reaching impacts.
  • (1.42) Any ship type can now be given the ability to launch boarding parties. Partly this is for modding support, but mostly this is to make Jumpgate events more interesting.
  • (1.42) When the player aborts the packaging of a cargo item the resources used are now returned.
  • (1.42) We can now launch and recall gunboats from carriers programmatically.
  • Trade and repair nodes can now be specified by sector.
  • Several issues with carriers and gunboats were fixed.
  • Several minor but annoying multiselect-related bugs were also fixed.
  • I continued to expand and improve the event creation pipeline, adding more functions and improving error checking.