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Major update: XO 1.41

Steam announcement: Major update: XO 1.41 Sectors, Starmap improvements, loads of new content While our last three updates have been very large, this (also very large) one brings the most game-changing aspects. We have much more in the works but this should be the last of the large updates. More on that below. Thank you to our players and our… Read more →

Dev log 2021-05-28

Weekly update: Weapons can now be salvaged from disabled ships! This has been one of our most requested features. This will be released after 1.41 with brand new salvage ships (I haven’t modeled them yet). I was able to complete all of the jumpgate events and even redid the victory event. This was the last content hurdle to releasing version… Read more →

Dev log 2021-05-21

This week: 1.41a beta testing popped up a couple bugs that were fixed. There’s still some content remaining to be completed. A few more Jumpgate events were completed, these of the diabolical variety. You can now expect a real fight on your hands if you show up at an enemy gate. Boarding shuttles and lifeboats are now tied to the… Read more →

Dev log 2021-05-15

This week: 1.41a beta testing has been very smooth, with just a couple of minor issues. Testing is open to anyone with a Steam key. A few more bits of content remain until we can release it. Lots of work was done to differentiate and balance Jumpgate events. Some of that work involved more work on the event pipeline. Continued… Read more →

1.41a available for testing!

1.41a is now available for testing! If you want to help us test, hop on our Discord[] for the password and details (Steam key required)! There are quite a few changes in 1.41b but here’s a brief summary: The universe is now divided into smaller sectors; each sector is generally controlled by a single faction. At the end of a… Read more →

Gigantic Update: XO 1.40

Real time jump, new ships, new effects, new items, new missions + more! Welcome to another massive update of XO! Real Time Fleet JumpYou’ll notice immediately that your fleet now jumps away visibly and in real time – warships jump away last and continue defending until finally, your battleship jumps out. During the brief jump, your battleship races ahead to… Read more →