Alpha 1.03

50 years ago today the first humans set foot on the moon, showing what humanity can do when we band together — despite our enormous differences — to achieve what seems like an impossible goal.  They came for all mankind.

I am in awe at the sacrifice, bravery, dedication and perseverance shown by the thousands of men and women involved in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs.  One of my greatest honors is to have met some of the engineers present in mission control on that day and hear their personal accounts of how it felt as the LEM touched down fifty years ago.

XO Alpha 1.03 'to save all we must risk all'
XO Alpha 1.03 ‘to save all we must risk all’

Last Friday we took our very own ‘one small step’ and launched the alpha of XO!  It’s impossible to express the excitement mixed with terror I felt pushing the button to make the game live to our alpha backers, given that I’ve been working on this game full time for nearly five years.

Within moments people began playing, and the positive comments and feedback began rolling in.  Our fantastic alpha backers submitted quite a few bugs, and we’ve already fixed most of the ones reported.  Thank you so much, alphas!

During the last week we pushed out three updates to the game and also made great progress on the end game.  There is much to be done, but our energy is high and our pace is good.