XO Character Art Reveal


In XO you’ll need to deal with a myriad of personalities in your fleet. Your leadership will either inspire loyalty and sacrifice, or drive your people to treachery and sabotage. Who you choose to elect onto your council will affect your entire fleet.


We’ve been working on the character artwork for several weeks. Finding something that matched the visual style of the starships and planets was a major challenge, and we’re very pleased with the results.


The faces are generated using a system we lovingly call Mr. Potato Head. The shape of each face, mouth, eyes, nose, and accessories will create a unique group of people each time you load the game. We’ve created different parts suited for male, female, and gender neutral characters.


Think of XO‘s gameplay as the tactical interface used aboard a battleship – viewed through a holographic interface like the HoloLens. In the universe where XO takes place, I imagine citizens create their own personally unique AR goggles using sophisticated replicators; 3D printers that can make almost anything, allowing function and fashion to meet in strange ways.


XO is heading to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight on July 20th! Please mark your calendars and sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll remind you on day one. Thanks for all your support so far, we can’t wait to show you the new gameplay trailer… coming soon!

– Brian Jamison