Author: Brian Jamison

2019 July Development Update

On July 12th we went alpha!  Huge thanks to our alpha community for providing excellent bug reports!  Alphas, most of this update is a recap for you; new information is at the end.  If you’re an alpha-level backer and haven’t received your key, check your spam folder.  So far the alpha has been a tremendous success.  The feedback has been… Read more →

Alpha 1.03

50 years ago today the first humans set foot on the moon, showing what humanity can do when we band together — despite our enormous differences — to achieve what seems like an impossible goal.  They came for all mankind. I am in awe at the sacrifice, bravery, dedication and perseverance shown by the thousands of men and women involved… Read more →

Alpha imminent and 2019 June Development Recap

If you are an alpha Kickstarter backer, you already know we are about to go alpha!  There’s a good chance we will release alpha tonight or tomorrow! The game is now functionally complete; finishing the end game, balancing, bug fixing, and polishing the user interface are all that remain! Read on for our development update. Functionality/Optimization Heru experimented with antialiasing… Read more →

2019 April Dev Update

In April we turned almost exclusively to bug fixing.  And it was a big, big month for bug fixing. We started the month with 59 known bugs.  Over the month I added 49 more bugs to the list.  And in total last month no less than 99 bugs were eliminated, leaving only 9 known bugs remaining! That is an astonishing… Read more →

2019 March Dev Update

Welcome to our XO development update for March 2019! Functionality and UI By far and away our biggest accomplishment was the implementation of saving and restoring games.  This is one of those features that sounds simple, but in reality is quite complex.  Ship positions including acceleration and rotation, formations, ship and planet names, equipment, events and the state of each… Read more →