Jumpdrive Studios is a small, dedicated team of game developers from various backgrounds. We focus on creating the games that WE want to play, and believe that several others might enjoy them as well. We're currently working full-time on our first project, XO - a sci-fi game where you command a ragtag fleet of starships against an unbeatable enemy.



Operating out of a small office in SE Portland, Jumpdrive Studios opened shop at the end of 2014. Our team comes from many different backgrounds. Brian Jamison designed and produced Underlight, one of the first MMOs and still played today. He's designed promotional web games for many console titles for Sony, Namco, and Midway/Atari, authored the acclaimed book on pen and paper roleplaying titled Gamemastering, and founded several successful software companies. Dominic Mandy is a mathematician who was researching biology by modeling metabolic networks before switching gears into game development. Brian Davis has been working in the game industry for 17 years, helping to create AAA titles for Atari Games, Monolith Productions, Surreal Software, and Flagship Studios including the arcade classic San Fransisco Rush 2049.



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  • "2016 Seattle Indie Game Competition (SIGC)" - Finalist

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