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Based in Portland, Oregon

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PC / Mac / Linux


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USD19.99 (Early Access)
EUR16.79 (Early Access)
CAD22.79 (Early Access)
GBP15.49 (Early Access)


XO is a relentless, strategic fleet defense game blending real-time with pause, political intrigue and a punishing drive to survive. Take command of the last battleship, gather a fleet and try to unite five hostile factions in a desperate bid to save humanity from an unbeatable enemy. There’s no time to colonize planets, negotiate with alien races, or build an empire. You’re outnumbered, out-gunned, and low on resources. Knowing when it’s time to fight or flee will be the key to saving the human race.


On April 20, 2015 XO was announced on Square Enix Collective - a platform where players can help shape game development and champion ideas by voting and leaving feedback. The project was met with positive reviews, and after a detailed assessment of the team and XO, Square Enix approved the project for support through the Collective. XO launched on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight on July 20th, 2015. XO met its Kickstarter goal in just 12 days. XO entered Steam Early Access on December 1st, 2019.


  • XO is a single player game in Early Access for PC, Mac, and Linux
  • 3D, real-time with pause
  • Build a fleet and defend it from numerous threats
  • Over 500 hand-crafted missions blending choose-your-own adventure and real time action
  • Procedural gameplay, no two games are the same


XO - 2019 Teaser Trailer [Official] YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (12MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Seattle Indie Game Competition FINALIST" Power of Play 2016
  • "Approved by Square Enix Collective" July 2015
  • "People’s Choice Award nominee" iFEST 2015

Selected Articles

  • "The decisions are genuinely difficult, and you’ll have to abandon people even if you manage to gather a sizeable fleet. The music is great and the constant threat of the Harvesters warping in and swarming the system makes for some brilliant moments – can my flagship make it to that space station in time to rescue the people there? Should I add this mining ship to the fleet so we can use it to gather extra ore, at the cost of hitting our water limit? Can I reach both ships here or is it time to skip ahead a few planets and hope the crew won’t be too upset that I’m neglecting the mission? Great, great stuff."
    - Sin Vega, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "...what promises to make it really interesting are the non-combat decisions: deciding where to go next and how long to stay, dealing with the many different kinds of events, and figuring out who can be safely trusted or ignored in the game's "complex political system."
    - Andy Chalk, PC Gamer
  • "I really like the sound of XO, it looks to have captured the drama of Battlestar to drive you through the game, but it's also built on top of a fleet command RTS, which is right up my alley."
    - Julian Benson, Kotaku
  • "The story of how XO got to this point is a study — not just in crowdfunding, but in crowdsourced ideas about what a game should be."
    - April Baer, Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • "XO Mixes Battlestar Galactica With Retro Visuals And Tactical Gameplay"
    - Stew Shearer, The Escapist
  • "XO Jumps into the Square Enix Collective"
    - Jesse Tannous, Indie Game Magazine
  • "XO is sure to bring out the starship fleet commander in you"
    - Toby Palm, Square Enix
  • "Interview with ‘XO’ Game Designer Brian Jamison"
    - Brandt Ranj, ReadRETRO

XO on Kickstarter
Older dev updates spanning 2015-2019 kickstarter.com.

About Jumpdrive Studios

Jumpdrive Studios is a small, dedicated team of game developers from various backgrounds. We focus on creating the games that WE want to play, and believe that several others might enjoy them as well. We're currently working full-time on our first project, XO - a sci-fi game where you command a ragtag fleet of starships against an unbeatable enemy.

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XO Credits

Brian Jamison
Creative Director


Randall Hansen
UI Director

Jim Guthrie

Sound Design

Brian Davis
3D Artist

Alexander Jamison
3D Artist


Press and Inquiries
[email protected]



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