February Dev Recap

February was extremely productive. We’re getting excited as most of the functionality in the game is now in place! Gunboat Our event system has been dramatically improved, and we are happy to say that it is now much easier to create events for the game. Brian J has been creating events as well as beginning the long process of integrating… Read more →

January Dev Recap

  What a busy month it has been! We’re settled into our new office and are continuing to work hard on XO. Here’s what we’ve been up to: Much of January has gone into making the wireframes we created in December work in the game. We still have work to do in that department, but progress is coming fast. Through… Read more →

End of the Year Update

It’s hard to believe that XO has been in development for over an entire year now. At the beginning of 2015, a small group of strangers got together in a closet (which we lovingly refer to as an “office”) and set out to create a visually striking sci-fi game that would capture the feeling of being an admiral. We attended some… Read more →

Catching up

For those keeping score, you may have noticed we missed our weekly blog update last week. Brian and I were both out sick for most of the week and Justin was summoned for jury duty… but now we’re all back together and getting on track! The major focus for November has been getting tactical formations up and running in the game,… Read more →

Forums, Shirts, and Upcoming Events

You may have noticed some new links on our site’s top menu.  I’m happy to announce our forums are up and running!  The forum software we’re using, Flarum, is currently in beta so there may be some bugginess here and there. We love supporting new open-source projects, and we’re really digging the clean, minimal design of our forums. Stop by and join… Read more →