2018 October Dev Update

Read on for our October in-depth dev update!   Formation attack! Functionality Mining ore and melting ice is now fully complete. Mining ships mine ore by default, but you can also tell them to melt ice or defend the fleet. Ore mining rates are now tied to the quality of ore at a given destination.  A mining ship must now… Read more →

2018 September Dev Update

Here’s our September in-depth development update for XO!   An epic battle Functionality For me our biggest accomplishment was implementing faction leaders and the four initial faction leader powers. This is a big deal, because faction leaders and their powers are pretty much the last pieces of core game functionality remaining. CAUTION: we still have lots of work to do!… Read more →

2018 August Dev Update

We got a lot done in August, here’s a very full update!   Preparing to evacuate a station   For me the biggest accomplishment in August were fleet events. Fleet events start immediately when you emerge from jump at a new destination. Some fleet events are purely narrative and help set the tone as the chaos unfolds. Some give tips… Read more →

2018 July Dev Update

July wrapped up another solid month of development for us. Read on for all the details! Probably the most important piece of functionality in July was the completion of the event spawning rules. These govern how, where, when and what kinds of events are generated. They’re a fairly complex set of interlocking rules, and I’m very happy to say that… Read more →

2018 June Dev Update

Hello everyone! I asked our Kickstarter backers last month if people wanted longer updates and the response was overwhelmingly yes so I’m pleased to add another good long one detailing what we were able to accomplish in June working on XO. The biggest victory for me was our work on the starmap. Here’s a before and after:   Old starmap… Read more →

2018 May Dev Update

It’s time for our monthly update on XO’s progress.  May was another productive month as you’ll see. This is the longest update we’ve ever done, mostly because a lot of items we have been working on over time happened to get completed last month.   Defending the fleet   You may recall that the enemies in the game are called… Read more →