Author: Brian Jamison

2019 February Dev Update

It’s time for our in-depth update for what was accomplished in February! Functionality and UI We added the ability to submit a direct bug report or send us feedback from within the game. Heru created an event tag to enable or disable timers in events, as well as enable or disable the visibility of the timer.  This is critical functionality… Read more →

2019 January Dev Update

Hello everyone, here’s our in-depth update for what we accomplished in January! Functionality and UI A big piece of functionality that was completed last month was the weapon recharge bars.  These show the state of weapons on any ship.  The animation below should make it pretty clear what I’m talking about: Shields were added to the weapon recharge bars. Some… Read more →

2018 December Dev Update

Happy new year everyone.  Here’s our December in-depth dev update! Attackships off Toit Functionality and UI A lot of work was done on the galactic map, and I’m happy to say that it’s completely finished.  The galactic map shows all of the destinations by relationship, and also allows you to easily see which factions own which destinations. There’s now a… Read more →

2018 November Dev Update

Here’s our November in-depth dev update! Functionality Characters now only use accessories specific to their faction. The way it works is that the game chooses a gender for each ship’s role. Then we randomly choose one each of three different faction-specific accessories. We have functionality for a fourth accessory; I may be adding that to some factions. And while I’m… Read more →

2018 October Dev Update

Read on for our October in-depth dev update!   Formation attack! Functionality Mining ore and melting ice is now fully complete. Mining ships mine ore by default, but you can also tell them to melt ice or defend the fleet. Ore mining rates are now tied to the quality of ore at a given destination.  A mining ship must now… Read more →

2018 September Dev Update

Here’s our September in-depth development update for XO!   An epic battle Functionality For me our biggest accomplishment was implementing faction leaders and the four initial faction leader powers. This is a big deal, because faction leaders and their powers are pretty much the last pieces of core game functionality remaining. CAUTION: we still have lots of work to do!… Read more →