Forums, Shirts, and Upcoming Events

You may have noticed some new links on our site’s top menu.  I’m happy to announce our forums are up and running!  The forum software we’re using, Flarum, is currently in beta so there may be some bugginess here and there. We love supporting new open-source projects, and we’re really digging the clean, minimal design of our forums. Stop by and join the discussions!

We also created a shop page, and the first XO t-shirt is now available to order:


Pick one up and help support XO’s development!

Speaking of development, last week was all about formations. Dominic has been hard at work creating interesting, tactical ways to utilize starships working together in groups to outwit the enemy.  We’ve also been improving weapon functions, and modeled several new ships for different factions – including new stations, weapons caches, and depots. I’ll be sharing some images and videos of these additions later this month.

Lastly, we’re bringing XO to PIGSquad’s Drink n’ Draw on November 20th. The whole team will be there play-testing the latest build of the game, giving out prizes for fan-art, and checking out over twenty locally made indie-games. Hope to see you there!