Over 50% Funded // New Space Stations

We’re halfway there… and we did it in just a day and a half!!  Everyone’s been doing a great job spreading the word, we saw coverage on PC GamerEscapist, and Kotaku just to name a few.  Please keep sharing and retweeting!

To celebrate surpassing the 50% benchmark, we want to share this video of Brian Davis modeling the first of many space stations you’ll find in XO!  I sped it up 3000% – you can really see the amount of detail that goes into every asset of the game:

The music in this video is by our friend Slothfella, and you should check his new release “Savage Mountain” on Bandcamp. It’s my official album of the summer.




We’ll have a lot more content like this in the coming weeks, and some of it will be exclusive to XO Kickstarter backers… Stay tuned!

– Corey

PS: Help us get XO on Steam by voting yes on Greenlight!  It’s one of the 50 Backer Missions, and definitely one we’d like to accomplish quickly 🙂 Keep an eye out for those stretch goals…