Expos and Working on the Game Loop

Photo by Galvanic Games
Photo by Galvanic Games

This weekend, we brought XO to Seattle for the 4th annual iFEST expo.  The turnout was better than we expected, and there were plenty of strategy fans around to play our game.  The build we were showing is a horizontal slice of the game which focuses on fleet tactics and rescuing a few starships in distress.

The feedback we’re able to get from these kinds of events is extremely valuable, so we’ll be returning to Seattle in just 2 weeks to bring XO to the Power of Play Indie Expo.  If you’re in the Pacific NW, this looks like it’s going to be a great weekend.

We’ve also submitted XO for IndieCade and PAX Prime with Indie Megabooth, and we hope to see some of you there later this year!


Getting back to development: our focus now is working on the full game loop – or a vertical slice of the game.  The political elements, ship repairs in hyperspace, and resource management are all in the works. We’ve also been working on the fleet jump effect, which we’re really excited to show off.

Thanks for the support so far – stay tuned for more updates and if you haven’t voted for our game on Square Enix Collective, please do so (and don’t forget to leave a comment!)

– Corey Warning